Visual Physics is almost done. Here are two more pages I’m proud of.


VCEasy’s Visual Physics book is almost ready for download. The visual pages are now 90% finished.

VCEasy Visual Physics is a concise, visual study companion for high school students and teachers. It contains all the Physics on the VCE course, and nothing else. Its pages are arranged according to the VCAA Study Design, with one Key Knowledge point covered on each page.

The left-hand pages contain all-original quiz questions to which only your teacher has the answers. These are designed to be completed straight after learning the theory.

Here are two more samples from the book: Unit 2.1.8, which explains Newton’s 3 Laws, and Unit 2.2.1, on longitudinal and transverse waves. Take a sneak-peek below!

VCEasy Visual Physics Unit 2.1.8

…and here’s Unit 2.2.1 on longitudinal and transverse waves:

VCEasy Visual Physics Unit 2.2.1

The full first edition of VCEasy Visual Physics Units 1&2 will be ready for download by the end of this weekend 🙂


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