Updated: Visual Chemistry v1.3 & Visual Physics v1.3


I’ve just made minor updates to two of the VCEasy Student Booklets.

Visual Chemistry v1.3 now contains:

  • Vivid, in-house graphics with CPK colours for all atoms
  • More practice questions
  • New formulae including the “mixtures formula”
  • Slightly reduced file size

Visual Physics v1.3 now contains:

  • Over 20 refinements throughout the Electricity section
  • More formulae for analysing Electric circuits
  • Simplified kW h conversion page (1.2.8)

Currently in the works:

  • VCEasy Further Maths Units 1&2
  • VCEasy Biology Units 1&2
  • Update for VCEasy Visual Chemistry Units 3&4 (v1.1)
  • iBooks integration

Contact me at visualvce@gmail.com if you have any questions or feedback.



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