VCEasy is now in 61 countries!


VCEasy has now been downloaded over 3,000 times in 61 countries. 55% of all these downloads were within Australia.

The VCEasy booklets are designed to give students a concise, visual summary of all the essential knowledge for their VCE course—with nothing superfluous added, and nothing taken away. Just 100% VCE.

The design is highly visual, and each page corresponds to one Key Knowledge Point taken directly from the VCAA Study Design. This ensures that when the student is revising, no essential knowledge is left out.

The following VCEasy booklets are currently available (June 2014):

  • VCEasy Visual Chemistry Student Booklet Units 1&2
  • VCEasy Visual Chemistry Teachers’ Booklet Units 1&2
  • VCEasy Visual Chemistry Student Booklet Units 3&4
  • VCEasy Visual Physics Student Booklet Units 1&2
  • VCEasy Visual Physics Teachers Booklet Units 1&2

The following VCEasy booklets are coming soon:

  • VCEasy Visual Further Maths Student Booklet Units 3&4
  • VCEasy Visual Chemistry Teachers Booklet Units 3&4
  • VCEasy Visual Chemistry Student Booklet Units 3&4
  • VCEasy Visual Biology Student Booklet Units 1&2
  • VCEasy Visual Psychology Student Booklet Units 1&2

All our VCEasy booklets are free to download.

Contact James at with questions or feedback.


2 thoughts on “VCEasy is now in 61 countries!

  1. I recently discovered your website and I have no words to thank you! Your notes will make my life so much easier when exams come around!! Thank you!!!
    I’m glad that a biology booklet is under way, but I was wondering if you’ve considered making one for maths methods?
    Thank you once again 🙂

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