New Visual Further Maths booklet out now!


All-new Visual Further Maths booklet is now available from

Further Maths is one of the three Mathematics options at Year 12 level in Victoria, Australia.

Features include:

  • Same visual layout;
  • One page per Key Knowledge Point in the VCAA Study Design;
  • Landscape orientation.

This booklet is a notes template, not a comprehensive course summary. Print this booklet double-sided and plaster every inch of it with your own, colourful notes. This booklet should be one of the many revision tasks you undertake in preparation for your end-of-year exam.

Doing practice questions is extremely important in mathematics. This booklet will help you stay on top of the small amount of theory you need to know, but the best way to improve your mathematical skill is to complete as many practice questions as you can.

Check it out here. For more information, contact


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