VCEasy produces concise, visual teaching notes for students studying VCE in Australia. Our Visual Study Guides contain all you need to know for the VCE exams, and nothing else. For teachers, a VCEasy Visual Study Guide is a set of whiteboard plans plus quizzes. For students, it’s a go-to resource for high-quality, primarily visual notes. Our booklets are designed for iBooks on iPad.

There also exists a teachers’ version of each VCEasy booklet, which contains lesson plans and worked answers to all the quizzes. These are available by request only.

“During high school, I created similar notes for all of my subjects and tacked them onto my bedroom wall. I ate, worked out and daydreamed while staring at these notes. I obsessed about the layout and re-designed them several times. All that effort paid off: I got an ATAR score of about 99+ (four A-grades at A-level).” — James, Creator

The Visual Study Guides project is designed to evolve, but to do that, it needs more input and more feedback.

Download the latest materials from VCEasy.org, and subscribe to the VCEasy YouTube channel here.

Keep up-to-date with @VCEasy on Twitter or by clicking ‘Follow’ in the sidebar. 🙂

All feedback is welcome. Enjoy 🙂


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