Q: What is VCEasy?

A: VCEasy produces concise, visual teaching notes for students studying VCE in Australia. Our Student Booklets contain all you need to know for the VCE exams, and nothing else. Students use VCEasy as a go-to resource for high-quality, primarily visual notes. (Follow @VCEasy on Twitter for some sample pages.) Our Teachers’ Booklets are sets of whiteboard plans plus quizzes. All our booklets are designed to be viewed on iBooks for iPad.

Q: Why the name “VCEasy”?

A: “VCEasy” is play on the acronym “VCE”, which is the name of our high-school syllabus in Victoria, Australia.

Q: How can I get a VCEasy Student booklet?

A: Go to VCEasy.org and click the big button that says, “Download Now”. Several subjects are available.

Q: How can I get a VCEasy Teacher booklet?

A: Send a request to visualvce@gmail.com from your school’s email address.

Q: How much do the VCEasy Student booklets cost?

A: Free.

Q: Do you sell printed copies?

A: No. Printing costs would be prohibitively expensive. Plus, at VCEasy, we design all our materials to take full advantage of the iPad’s Retina Display—all the artworks are in vector format, so all the text and images look super-crisp even after infinite enlargement. All of our tutorial videos are in 720p high definition. Nothing we make is text-heavy, so it won’t strain your eyes. VCEasy materials look much better on an iPad than they do on paper. 🙂


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